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bontempo production + performance

Excellent specialists and machinery second to none, perfectly adapted for the realisation of bespoke retail and exhibition projects as well as the production of premium-class event furniture and decorations:

As the bontempo group’s building ground for brand worlds and state-of-the-art production and logistics facility, bontempo production + performance realises designs created at bontempo cubics + circles as well as third parties and also takes care of all aspects of transport, implementation and setup on site – anywhere in Europe.

Historic locations and high-tech exhibition halls, flagship stores and branches, outdoor and indoor events: No matter what and where the setting, production + performance guarantees superior solutions in terms of both quality and efficiency. An independent company as of January, 2016, but still driven by the same motivations that have led to its foundation more than 20 years ago: the desire for maximum flexibility with uncompromised quality down to the smallest detail.


Leather and steel, wood and plastics, sawn, drilled, sandblasted and bent: Our specialists’ know-how about materials and sources, combined with our powerful array of machinery including an in-house paint shop and printing facilities for large formats, result in almost boundless creative possibilities at bontempo production + performance.

Right from the start, production + performance has not only executed ideas, but has also been a creative motor in its own right, creating innovative ideas and solutions for materials and processing. Last not least, our wide network of suppliers guarantees that our clients benefit from the latest innovations in materials, eg. new varieties of glass and metal.

In one central location, we can realise complex solutions in a snap that might require our competitors to go long extra distances or to make time-consuming telephone calls with a vast array of individual suppliers. This applies to furnishings, decorations and individual items as well as for multimedia: With our sister companies bontempo concepts and bontempo cubics + circles, we are also well positioned for the production of trailers, video clips and interactive elements.


Exceptional shapes need exceptional know-how – and excellent technology. That’s why bontempo production + performance is not only the bontempo group’s production and logistics facility, but also an interdisciplinary as well as international competence centre with extraordinary possibilities.

Our clients do not have to know what a calibration machine or a veneer press is, which manufacturer engineers the best and most flexible horizontal plate saw, why it pays off to own a dedicated edge gluing machine, what features a high-end CNC router cannot do without – and they have to know even less on how to programme it. But it is certainly worth knowing what the existence of this technology in our company means for our results. It is easy to see and feel: an aura of value and perfection.

Applying the same degree of professionalism and care that goes into our production processes, we also provide extensive organisational and logistics services – for events, exhibition presences, store launches or seasonal updates. Multilingual project managers take charge of projects that often span the entire continent of Europe.


Our day-to-day business is complex and requires the seamless interaction and cooperation between a very wide range of skills and activities. The reward is exquisite craftsmanship, honed to perfection for bespoke and truly individual, three-dimensional designs:

  • refined surfaces, exact to one tenth of a millimetre
  • maximum repeat accuracy for serial manufacturing
  • complex structures and angles; nooks, ledges and curves
  • almost infinite possibilities for grooves, edges and shapes in computer controlled precision
  • innovative combinations of mineral compounds and wood for heavily used surfaces

Thanks to our own, in-house printing facilities we also produce communications materials and other visual elements in principally unlimited size as well as high-end prints on glass panes, tiles, dibond and other materials directly on the spot.

Furthermore, our transnational logistics capacities ease our clients’ growth. From Moscow to Barcelona, from Budapest to Vienna, from London to Amsterdam: Our team possesses extensive experience in the international adaptation and installation of ambitious branch store concepts and shop-in-shops, the creation and implementation of presences at international trade fairs and exhibitions as well as in the management and production of events for a wide range of industries.

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