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Retail Cases

Transforming spaces into messages is our specialty. We combine it with extensive expertise in international logistics and project management. Examples for our designs and shopfittings can be found all across Europe.

Our flexible structures ensure that bontempo fits the exact profile required for any given retail project: Overall realisation from the first ideas through to shop launch is just as possible as stand-alone services such as concept creation, retail design or store construction. Below, you will find a small selection of client references.

Our services for "Exhibitions" and "Events":


Tangible difference, measurable success

The bontempo group of companies is an experienced partner for the conception, design and implementation of flagship stores and showrooms, branch stores and shop-in-shops, shop windows and storefronts, displays and interiors.

We identify targets and target groups, detect trends and opportunities before they reach the mainstream, and create the retail worlds for tomorrow and beyond – today. Our bespoke designs communicate the DNA of international premium brands to all the senses, setting new standards time and again.

By impeccable implementation and superior craftsmanship we convey value and inspire trust. From the initial idea through to launch and in everything we do, we make a decisive contribution to generate that magical momentum consisting of creativity, sensuality and emotion which is the heart and soul of success at the point of sale.

Function and fascination

Our experience is just as multi-dimensional as our results: At bontempo, theory and practice, idea and implementation, thought and tangible realisation are more closely connected than anywhere else – to our clients’ benefit.

In three decades we have gained a wealth of experience that is as hard to copy as our projects. For example, our production experts’ intimate knowledge of material characteristics and sources often inspires our designs and concepts. It makes a crucial difference if you only know it’s a possibility – or if you’ve experienced it yourself.

In creating retail concepts, in retail design and production, in store construction and logistics we pull out all the stops, driven by the desire to connect function and fascination: from choosing fabrics and textures right through to the final stitch of the needle, from flooring materials to room acoustics, from store layout to efficient yet elegant solutions for cash desks and check out areas, from lighting concepts through to visual merchandising.

Retail services (excerpt)

We transform premium brands into effective retail concepts and solutions offering all relevant services from a single, one-stop source. Typical examples (from a to z):

  • 3D renderings / plans / 3D animations
  • acoustics and sound installations
  • branch updates
  • brand management
  • cash desks and checkout areas / cash
  • register systems
  • colour conception
  • conception
  • construction and site management
  • cost control
  • crafts
  • decorations
  • design
  • detail planning
  • drafts
  • flagship stores
  • furniture
  • graphic design
  • implementation planning
  • interactive modules
  • interior design
  • interiors
  • large format printing
  • lighting concepts
  • location management
  • materials consulting
  • mood books
  • multimedia
  • office equipment
  • outlet stores
  • project management
  • prototype development
  • retail strategy and business model
  • development
  • sales promotions
  • seasonal adjustments and updates
  • serial production
  • shop layout definition
  • shop windows / storefronts
  • shop-in-shops
  • shopfitting
  • showrooms
  • store and object construction
  • transport logistics
  • videoclips / trailers
  • virtual previews
  • visual merchandising

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