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bontempo concepts

Being ahead of competition and setting trends requires thinking ahead – from corporate design and identity to brand message, from brand message to experience.

bontempo concepts thinks into the future, unlocks potentials and develops branding strategies and brand management in the shape of spatial experiences – in retail, exhibitions and events, for companies, associations and organisations of all industries and sizes: startups and market leaders, international brands and hidden champions. Our clients deliver the “what” – bontempo concepts the “how”: imaginable at first. Tangible next. And measurable in the end, as a clear result.

Challenges turn into possibilities. Possibilities into strategies. Strategies into implementation-ready plans and concepts – thought through to the last detail, reliable and efficient.


bontempo concepts is focussed on finding new ways to translate brand strategies into three-dimensional spaces with optimum emotional impact – and to maximise economic success in the process.

Innovative retail and gastronomy concepts, novel presentation ideas in exhibitions and trade shows, pioneering feasibility studies involving complex calculations or the development of entire series of events or roadshows are just as possible as targeted optimisation and improved efficiency in selected areas.

Our understanding of creativity is just as multi-dimensional as the results of our work: After all, new ideas and concepts will only prevail if innovation and practicability, look and feel, effect and efficiency are equally convincing.


A thorough understanding of target groups and markets, aesthetics and psychology, as well as a wealth of experience gained in almost three decades, enable bontempo concepts to find extraordinary answers to a wide array of questions.

By leveraging extensive synergies resulting from the diversity of our clients’ industries as well as the close collaboration with our sister companies at our premises in Hamburg, bontempo concepts is in a unique position to develop state-of-the-art solutions that are consistently and carefully thought out in every respect, including economy, logistics and all other relevant dimensions:

The far-sighted vision of a think tank, combined with practical know-how – delivered as stand alone, conceptual frameworks for new brand strategies conveyed as three-dimensional statements, or including implementation by our in-house manufacturing and logistics facility, bontempo production + performance.


Every single project of bontempo concepts ends with a definite result: increased knowledge. New ways and ideas. Target group specific strategies. Detailed planning documents. Our understanding of conceptual design includes a vast range of services between branding and business development for retail, exhibitions, and events. E.g.:

  • development of branding strategies and business models for three-dimensional brand presentations as holistic concepts
  • feasibility studies and projections of cost and efforts
  • multimedia simulations and presentations
  • innovative concepts for retail, exhibitions and trade shows
  • definition, organisation and implementation of sophisticated events and live communications
  • international location scouting

If required, our sister company bontempo cubics + circles offers additional services, e.g. the design and rendering of three-dimensional models and the creation of production documents, which in turn can be implemented by our in-house manufacturing and logistics unit, bontempo production + performance.

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