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bontempo cubics + circles

As our powerhouse for creation and design, bontempo cubics + circles creates and visualises exceptional ideas, translates brand messages into three-dimensional space and transforms premium concepts, strategies and plans into virtual worlds for retail, exhibitions and events.

Messages turn into ideas, ideas into drafts, material and mood books – and then into three-dimensional manifestations as interactive management proposals ready to be zoomed in, turned, twisted and inspected from every angle, as interactive previews of events large and small.

And as meticulous planning materials, ready for implementation at our in-house manufacturing unit bontempo production + performance or third party companies. Designs that impress by their refined look and feel and that deliver first tangible results even before production has begun.


CREARE (lat.): to bring forth, produce, make, beget.

Who says you cannot touch creativity? The results of the work of bontempo cubics + circles as well as its sister companies bontempo conceps and bontempo production + performance are visible all over Europe – wherever three-dimensional statements are needed: in flagship stores, showrooms and local branches, in outlet stores and shop-in-shops, at exhibitions and trade shows, at conferences, gala nights, roadshows and sports events.

We understand creativity in the full, original sense – as connection of idea and implementation, means and end, theory and practice: thought + material + process = result. With its close connection of visual creation and emotional conceptualisation as well as manufacturing processes and logistics in one, central location, bontempo cubics + circles has decisive advantages over conventional design studios or architectural practices.

The immediate availability of materials as well as the know-how of our production experts are a steady source of valuable insights, inspiring impulses, exciting discoveries – and make it easy to check the practicability of ambitious design visions under real-life conditions.


Transforming spaces into messages is to communicate through shapes and structures. To lead a dialogue with senses and emotions that can have a deeper and longer lasting effect than any verbal exchange. And to make sure all aspects of this dialogue are taken into account.

Cool or warm, rough or glossy, grown or man-made: In addition to shape and colour, both the selection of materials and their combination have significant effect on the character of any space – and on the message this room conveys.

In the language of three-dimensional statements, wood and stone, fabrics and leather, metal and resin, innovative and ecological synthetics and traditional compounds are parts of a rich vocabulary that we use as a design studio to its full expressive potential – translating brand messages into experiences that can be understood without words.


To convey the essence of an organisation, the core values of a brand, the aims of congresses, product launches or other occasions in all dimensions as a tangible experience is the central challenge in high-end retail design, in creating custom exhibition stands and trade show presences as well as in designing the look and feel of prime events. Our extensive portfolio of services is designed accordingly, including:

  • development of ideas for three-dimensional brand statements
  • 3D graphic design, renderings and animations / virtual previews
  • interior design and individual furniture
  • lighting and colour conception
  • acoustics and sound installations
  • store layout definition
  • materials consulting
  • visual merchandising and decorations
  • communication materials
  • crafts and supplier management

Three decades of experience in designing and implementing sophisticated projects for renowned clients to the highest standards guarantee exceptional results. And whenever required, we can join forces with our sister companies bontempo concepts and bontempo production + performance to realise projects of any size from the first, conceptual ideas through to their full implementation on site.

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