About us

bontempo group

The transformation of spaces into messages. The communication of the aura and fascination of international brands in three dimensions. In a vast range of industries – not only in Germany, but all over Europe – including lifestyle, fashion and cosmetics, high-tech and sports, finance and insurance, gastronomy, health and wellness. That’s what bontempo stands for. Since 1988. And since January 2016 as a group of companies, restructured with three divisions: bontempo concepts, bontempo cubics + circles und bontempo production + performance.

Divisions of the bontempo group

Powerhouse for creation and design

bontempo cubics + circles

As our powerhouse for creation and design, bontempo cubics + circles creates and visualises exceptional ideas, translates brand messages into three-dimensional space and transforms premium concepts, strategies and plans into virtual worlds for retail, exhibitions and events.

Messages turn into ideas, ideas into drafts, material and mood books – and then into three-dimensional manifestations as interactive management proposals ready to be zoomed in, turned, twisted and inspected from every angle, as interactive previews of events large and small.

State-of-the-art production and logistics

bontempo production + performance

Excellent specialists and machinery second to none, perfectly adapted for the realisation of bespoke retail and exhibition projects as well as the production of premium-class event furniture and decorations:

As the bontempo group’s building ground for brand worlds and state-of-the-art production and logistics facility, bontempo production + performance realises designs created at bontempo cubics + circles as well as third parties and also takes care of all aspects of transport, implementation and setup on site – anywhere in Europe.

Think Tank

bontempo concepts

Being ahead of competition and setting trends requires thinking ahead – from corporate design and identity to brand message, from brand message to experience.

bontempo concepts thinks into the future, unlocks potentials and develops branding strategies and brand management in the shape of spatial experiences – in retail, exhibitions and events, for companies, associations and organisations of all industries and sizes: startups and market leaders, international brands and hidden champions. 

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